Curriculum Vitae

Per Bernhardt
Per Bernhardt
Born on
27 April 1984, Siegburg, Germany
Schumannstraße 115
53113 Bonn
2013 - present
Senior Software Developer, Bonn, Germany
Backend development with a focus on migrating to Symfony2

Interesting projects:

  • Chefkoch

    Project started: 1998
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Symfony2, Solr, Doctrine2, Varnish

2013 - 2013
Senior Software Developer
STARTPLATZ, Cologne, Germany
Consulting and Technical Support for startups in Cologne area

Interesting projects:

  • Golfpost

    Project started: August 2013
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Wordpress => Symfony2

2005 - 2013
Senior Software Developer
webfactory GmbH, Bonn, Germany
Development of webfactory's software platform and infrastructure; software analysis, architecture and design for long-term customer projects

Interesting projects:

  • Youthpass
    Web application generating PDF certificates for participants of the EU Youth in Action Programme, available in 28 languages.
    Project started: September 2007
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Amazon AWS, Multilingual, Apache FOP, Propel, Symfony2

  • Federal Joint Committee
    The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) is the highest decision-making body of the joint self-government of physicians, dentists, hospitals and health insurance funds in Germany.
    Project started: February 2006
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Amazon AWS, Twig, Propel, Symfony2, Apache Solr

    The SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres provide practical online tools for youth work and training, such as "Toolbox", "European Training Calendar", "Otlas Partner Finding" and "Trainers Online for Youth".
    Project started: September 2001
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Amazon AWS, PHPTal, Propel, Doctrine2, Symfony2

  • Ruhrtriennale
    The Ruhrtriennale is an annual music and arts festival in the northwestern area of Germany.
    Project started: April 2002
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Amazon AWS, Propel, Symfony2, Responsive

  • SIZ webbased audit
    Web application for implementing IT security audits in large-scale organisations for our customer SIZ - IT Products and Consulting.
    Project started: May 2011
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, IIS, MSSQL, ZendFramework, Doctrine2

2001 - 2005
Sinfin EDV, Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Germany
IT services, e.g. network and workstation administration in small business and home environments, hardware and software retail, web design and application development

Interesting projects:

  • Fachleute Online
    Online database for appraisers and experts in Germany.
    Project started: 2002
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, domainfactory, phpBB

  • Edition Köln - Verlag Peter Faecke
    Website of the german writer and publisher Peter Faecke.
    Project started: 2001
    Keywords: PHP, MySQL, domainfactory

  • Haus Venusberg e.V.
    Network and workstation administration, hardware and software retail
    Project started: 2002
    Keywords: WLAN, Ethernet, Microsoft Windows Workstations

Forum Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany
Preparation and implementation of computer training classes for children aged 4 to 12 years
SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer
SensioLabs, Cologne, Germany
The SensioLabs Symfony2 Framework certification exam is an industry standard to help developers distinguish themselves and emphazise their skill towards IT companies
2007 - edc 2014
Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Special emphasis: Complex Software Systems
2005 - 2007
Vocational Qualification "Qualified IT Specialist"
Industrie- und Handelskammer Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Germany
Average grade: 2.0
2005 – 2007
Vocational School Graduation
Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg, Bonn, Germany
School-related part of the vocational qualification "Qualified IT Specialist", Average grade: 1.1
1994 - 2003
General Qualification for University Entrance (Abitur)
Antonius Kolleg Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany
Average grade: 1.5
05 March 2012
Creating Mobile apps with jQuery Mobile
Trainer: Maximiliano Firtman
London, United Kingdom
20 October 2011
Build your own framework... based on the Symfony2 components
Trainer: Fabien Potencier
Cologne, Germany
8 March 2011
Designing Software, Drawing Pictures
Trainer: Simon Brown
London, United Kingdom
1 March 2010
Advanced Javascript
Trainer: Paul Bakaus
Wiesbaden, Germany
January - June 2008
CCNA 4 WAN Technologies
HHB Bonn, Germany
29 June 2007
The Secret of Effective Teams: Agile, Discipline, Focus
Trainer: Alistair Cockburn
Bonn, Germany
April - August 2007
CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
HHB Bonn, Germany
March - July 2006
CCNA 2 Router and Routing Basics
HHB Bonn, Germany
October 2005 - February 2006
CCNA 1 Network Basics
HHB Bonn, Germany
22 - 23 November 2012
Symfony Live Berlin 2012
Berlin, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Benjamin Eberlei, Johann Peter Hartmann, Fabien Potencier, David Zülke
7 - 9 March 2012
QCon London 2012
London, United Kingdom
Speakers: i.a. Ola Bini, Martin Fowler, Dan North
21 October 2011
Symfony Day Cologne 2011
Cologne, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Fabien Potencier, Marc Weistroff, Igor Wiedler
20 - 21 August 2011
Froscon 2011
HS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Sebastian Bergmann, Benjamin Eberlei, Derick Rethans
30 May - 1 June 2011
International PHP Conference Spring 2011
Berlin, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Sebastian Bergmann, Jordi Boggiano, Benjamin Eberlei, Johann-Peter Hartmann, Christian Heilmann, Robert Lemke, Lukas Smith, Zeev Suraski, David Zuelke
9 - 11 March 2011
QCon London 2011
London, United Kingdom
Speakers: i.a. Kevlin Henney, Craig Larman, Dan North
7 - 8 October 2010
Fronteers 2010
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Speakers: i.a. Meagan Fisher, Christian Heilmann, Paul Irish, Jeremy Keith
10 - 12 March 2010
QCon London 2010
London, United Kingdom
Speakers: i.a. Ola Bini, Eric Evans, Martin Fowler, Kevlin Henney, Dan North
5 - 6 November 2009
Fronteers 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Speakers: i.a. Douglas Crockford, Christian Heilmann, Peter-Paul Koch, John Resig, Nicole Sullivan
11 - 13 March 2009
QCon London 2009
London, United Kingdom
Speakers: i.a. Ola Bini, Eric Evans, Martin Fowler, Kevlin Henney, Tony Hoare, Dan North
28 - 30 October 2008
International PHP Conference 2008
Mainz, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Sebastian Bergmann, Johann-Peter Hartmann, Robert Lemke, Fabien Potencier, Derick Rethans, David Zülke
23 - 24 August 2008
Froscon 2008
HS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Sebastian Bergmann, Rasmus Lerdorf, Derick Rethans, Andrew S. Tanenbaum
6 - 7 November 2007
International PHP Conference 2007
Frankfurt, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Sebastian Bergmann, Johann-Peter Hartmann, Robert Lemke, Fabien Potencier, Derick Rethans, Lukas Smith, Dustin Whittle
7 - 8 November 2006
International PHP Conference 2006
Frankfurt, Germany
Speakers: i.a. Johann-Peter Hartmann, Derick Rethans, Dustin Whittle
2008 - present
Foosball Player
Kicker Crew Bonn, Germany
Club member, team member, league player, substitute trainer and website administrator
2009 - 2010
Referee (Association Football)
German Football Association, Rhein/Sieg, Germany
Supervision of regional association football games
2000 - 2003
Organising Committee
Antonius Kolleg Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany
Event management and event technology for school events
1994 - 2003
Students Council
Antonius Kolleg Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany
Class and students representative
  • German (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Foosball
  • Hiking

Status as of 12 November 2013