28 March 2011
The underscore affair - No cookies for IE!
Let me tell you yet another story about IE as the perfect weekend companion: I was deploying a web application to a customer's test environment for some finishing touches. I soon noticed that I could not login with IE, while everything worked fine with the "normal guys" (FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari...). Some frustrating hours of curl/telnet/tcpdump, crawling forums and reading blogs followed, but the only thing I could say is that IE was constantly ignoring the session cookie.
6 May 2010
Templating with PHPTAL: Don't make your designer think (about the wrong things)
In former times, when some of us started to generate dynamic websites using PHP, we tended to generate XHTML output for, let's say, a blog post like this.
20 August 2007
Geocoding with php
Recently one of our customers asked us to pimp his project database. This database is a pool of european wide projects in non-formal learning and youth work. The customer wanted the projects to be shown on a map of europe to emphasize their extensiveness. Unless we wanted somebody to put each of the over 500 projects on the map manually, we had to find a way to use a geocoder, because we had nothing more than a description text including address information like "Athens, Greece".
15 July 2007
Clustering Algorithms for Tag Clouds
Today I will talk about how to create tag clouds that display different levels of importance. At this I try to outline different approaches on how to cluster the tags by their importance significantly. I like to come up with a definition of what I am talking about first.

Status as of 12 November 2013